Housing grants and supports – there are many grants and supports to help you manage your home as you grow older. These range from mobility aids to house extensions or adaptations through to grants to make your home as warm as possible. Just click on the links below to be brought to the right web page and if you need help with this, staff in your local library are only too happy to help as are our staff if they are currently working with you. It is not an exhaustive list but gives you some idea of where the information is and what type of help is available.

Click the following link if you need help with a stair lift, grab rails or access ramps to help maintain your mobility in your home.

Click this link if you need help to out a ramp up to your hall door, your house needs to be re-wired or your windows need to be repaired or replaced.

Click this link if you want to make your home warmer with damp proofing, attic insulation, or a new lagging jacket for your boiler.

Click this one if you need bigger works like a new boiler or heating system, external insulation
around your whole house or some solar panels.